Battery types we re-cell

These pictures in the gallery below are the types of batteries that we can re-cell. They are known as silverfish, dolphin, bottle mount and most rear rack mounted batteries. If your battery is the same or very similar to any of these please go ahead and send us the battery.

Lead-Acid celled batteries

If your battery is the older heavy lead acid type, we can replace all the cells inside the original case with the latest light weight Samsung Lithium batteries. This will give you the same or more power, but with less than half the weight.

Just select a battery of the same voltage and Ah as your lead acid battery, and complete the process as described on the site.

Please note that if you do upgrade your battery to lithium, you will also need a lithium charger which is available in our store.

If you are really not sure, please send a picture of your battery to Alberta Electric Bike Battery Repair. We will reply to you as soon as we can.

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