Determining the battery voltage or Ah

If your battery doesn’t state the voltage or Ah, don’t worry as long as the battery casing looks similar to any of the ones in the pictures on the battery types we re-cell page we can still re-cell it.

You may be able to deduce the voltage and Ah with the following information.

Firstly check the handbook that came with bike. If your handbook states the voltage and the Ah that’s great. But it might just state the Voltage and the Wh (Watthours) If this is the case you can calculate the Ah (Amphours) by dividing the Wh by the voltage.

If the hand book is not available check if it states the voltage on the motor casing, if it doesn’t, check the charger, the charger should state its output voltage.

Charger outputs are as follows

  • For a 24v battery the charger output is 29.4volts
  • For a 36volt battery it’s 42volts
  • For a 48volt battery it’s 54.6volts

The charger output is always slightly more that the stated battery voltage.

The charger may also state an Amps output, but the charger amps output information is not a guide to the battery Ah (amp hours) and so this information is not useful to us.
To estimate the battery Ah (Amp hours) a clue can be the physical length of the battery

 Silverfish typeRack batteryBottle and dolphin
8 Ah350mm320mm320mm
10 Ah380mm380mm380mm
18 Ah450mm450mm450mm
20 Ah485mm  
30 Ah500mm  

If you send us a battery and have paid for the wrong voltage or wrong Ah we will let you know the correct volts and Ah and request either an extra payment or give you a refund as appropriate

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