How to proceed

The first thing to do is establish if your battery is indeed one we can re-cell. We are currently not taking batteries for Kalkhof or Yamaha bikes. Click here to see some images of the typical battery types we do re-cell. It is also worth reading our frequently asked questions page as there is some useful information on there.

When you are satisfied that your battery is the same or similar shape to any one of the batteries on our gallery page, look in our online Shop to find the battery voltage and Ah that matches the existing battery that you want re-celled. Then just click on the picture to add it to the shopping basket.

 If paying by direct bank transfer you will choose that option at checkout where you will be supplied with our bank account details.We can accept cash also.

On receipt of your order and payment,  deposit via bank transfer, we will send you an email confirmation, with an attachment of a pre-written address label that you can print out and tape to the outside of the package. The attachment will also show another label showing your address, for returning your battery to you.

If you don’t have a printer write out both of the address labels in capitals. Please write very clearly.

Pack the return label inside the parcel with the battery. We will use that return label to send your battery back to you.

Pack your battery very carefully with plenty of padding, so that even if the parcel is very roughly handled nothing inside will get damaged or broken. We are unable to make any repairs to the battery case, or the battery terminals. Don’t forget to enclose the keys if your battery needs a key to turn it on.  Be sure to send your charger along with the battery so after the rebuild we can test the new battery with your charger.SEnd also the keys if any.

A courier will arrive three days after you receive our return email to collect your battery. This is to give you time to pack your battery and get it ready for collection. Collections and returns are made on weekdays only, and we cannot guarantee a time when the courier will call because the drivers arrange their own routes.

Please be sure to have it packed, labelled and ready to be collected.  The courier will not be able to wait while you pack it.

There is no extra charge for collecting and returning your battery. The price shown is the total cost, including the cost of the collection and return courier service.

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