The re-celled battery comes with a 12 month warranty against manufacturing faults. This applies to the cells or the BMS that we have supplied.

If you receive your re-celled battery and your bike does not work, and you are sure that it is not the bike or charger at fault, send the battery back to us for testing or repair. If there is fault with the re-celled battery it will be repaired and returned under warranty.  The cost of sending it will be refunded.  If it is found that the battery is not faulty, there will be a further courier charge to return the battery.

All other parts of the battery are not covered as they are original parts.

All batteries deteriorate with age and lack of use, a loss of power of up to 10% per year is normal on all batteries, and therefore this is not a warranty issue.

If a re-celled battery is repaired under warranty this does not extend the original warranty period.

Do not open the battery case. Opening the battery case will break the internal seal and therefore voids the battery warranty.

Lack of use of this or any battery will hasten its demise and therefore voids the warranty. If your battery is returned to us under warranty, we will be able to read it to establish its use, or lack of use, and the history of its recharging regime.

If you do not intend to use your bike for a period of time, we recommend that while your bike is not being used, that you still recharge your battery at least once a month.

To keep your battery in good working order it is vital that your battery is used and recharged regularly.

Do not use the re-celled battery for anything other than the bike that it was designed for.

Only recharge the re-celled battery with the charger that is designed for it. Do not use the charger for anything else.

ALL batteries are considered to be hazardous products and a possible fire risk. Take the utmost care in handling them. Recharge and store them in a safe place under supervision. Check them regularly for any signs of damage.

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