Why re-cell your battery?

Why Re-cell your battery instead of trying to get a new one from somewhere?

We don’t stock batteries because there are so many different styles, and just keeping batteries in stock on a shelf waiting for someone to buy one is likely to kill them, because Its lack of use that ruins any battery.

It’s essential that your battery is freshly made, and not left lying about unused for ages while its transported from places like China, and then being stored for who knows how long waiting for a customer.

So even if we found one somewhere in stock, or on the internet, we wouldn’t buy it, because we wouldn’t trust it. It might be cheap but it also might not work for very long. Remember the old saying, if you buy cheap, you buy twice.

But we can re-cell your battery with fresh Samsung cells to bring it back like new, and with us, you get a proper 12-month warranty.

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