1. What about batteries with different voltages and Ah combinations that are not listed in your store?
The batteries shown in our shop are not the only batteries that we re-cell. Contact us if you have different batteries.

2. Can you do any type of Lithium battery?
We only re-cell batteries for e-bikes and e-scooters, we don’t re-cell batteries for drills or other tools, or any other equipment.

3. Can I get more amparage per hour in the case ?
Yes. OEM batteries sometimes install low capacity cell.

4. Can I change the voltage for more power?
We don’t increase the voltage of your battery. Your bike would not be compatible if you change the voltage as the components in your bike are designed only for the original voltage.

5. What if I do not know the voltage or Ah of my battery?
This page may be able to help you.

6. Do you replace all the cells?
Yes, we don’t just replace a few of the cells. Just changing a few cells won’t work because all the cells need to be balanced and you can’t balance old and new cells. Therefore we replace all the cells and incorporate a new battery management system. Your battery really is as new.

7. Can I buy a new battery from you or some cells or a BMS board?
We don’t sell battery cells  or BMS boards.You can buy a whole different battery from us.

8. What if the BMS board is at fault?
We can change the BMS only. We warranty only the BMS not the whole battery.

9. How do I know my battery is faulty?
You will find the range is substantially reduced and the battery takes a lot less time to charge fully.  This page has more information on determining the health of your battery. If your battery is re-celled and your bike doesn’t work because there is a problem with the bike or the charger, we cannot offer a refund on the re-celled battery. If you are not sure about the charger, send both battery and charger to us and we will check the charger before re-celling the battery. If it is found that you just need a new charger then in these circumstances we will supply a new charger and refund the difference between the charger cost and the re-cell cost. If it is a charger that we cannot supply we will refund the whole cost, less the courier charge.

10. Can you repair the battery case or locks, handles etc?
Unfortunately, we cannot repair the battery case or any of the component parts.

11. How do I send the battery to you, and how much will it cost to send the battery?
Our service includes the costs of a specialist courier to collect and return your battery to you. There is no extra charge to transport the battery.You can always drop the battery if you are local.

12. Can I specify a time for the collection and return of my battery?
Collections and returns are made on weekdays only. We cannot guarantee a time when the courier will call because the drivers arrange their own routes.

13. What if my battery is OK but my bike doesn’t work? 
In addition to our battery re-celling service we offer other services as well.

We have an electric bike technician that will repair your broken electric bike. You need to bring the bike personally to troubleshoot and give you a quote.


14. Is there a warranty for the new battery?
Yes, the battery comes with a one year warranty. See our warranty page for more information.

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